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Ritchie is an accomplished transvestite and when dressed as Vicky, he becomes a natural beauty. He is even out with his accepting co-workers. He's not gay, but he does hang out at a gay club. When he meets friendly co-worker's "alpha male" fiance it soon is obvious that there is some kind of chemistry at work. How will this play out?

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    Next he walked to his dressing table, sat down and picked up a box of jewelry; he added rings and a gold necklace. He sprayed on some perfume. The he stood up and looked at himself int e mirror. He ran his elegant hands down his body, feeling the slightly rough material. The dress sparkled and shone under the electric light. His heart beat with excitement. He felt an inner stillness ease through his body. He thought of Monika earlier - the richly deserved spanking followed by the love-making on the bed. That afternoon it had only been a quick session, the prostitute astride his thighs, moving back and forth on his erect member. He looked at himself - no not at himself, but at the character he had created, the character of Vicky Hall, his alter ego. Helen Hall had been one of the girls in his class at school whom he had had a crush on, so he had taken her surname. Someone else had named him Victoria; he was not sure why.