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April's life is flourishing, professionally as well as personally. He regime of weight loss and hormones are adding curves, she has passed the state architectural licensing exam and finally is learning more about men and how to handle them.

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    Duke took her hand. Three minutes later they were in Duke's suite on the seventeenth floor. As the door clicked shut, the man turned to April and pulled her into his arms. The blind came willingly and when their pips met it was like the kiss from weeks before had never stopped. Her arms moved up encircling his neck and she arose on tiptoes, pressing her lips and chest to his.

    Duke's hands caressed the rounded tip of her rear. He relished the kiss and found the idea that she was part male and wanted him inside her arousing. His cock grew. April felt it. He lips were yielding and her hands on the back of his neck were soft and small. He reminded himself that she was a man, but his body didn't care.

    Duke lifted her into his arms and continued the kiss as he carried her into the bedroom...