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When Wendi left her husband Kevin, an architect with a bright future, it set in motion a change in him that had been brewing all his life. He had thought that he was just the average crossdresser, but now he finds that this means more than just wearing feminine clothes. This is the story of the beginnings of the sophisticated woman, April.

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    Back in his condo, Kevin went into his study, and pulled out a box he hadn't opened since he married Wendi. It was filled with magazines, Transformation, Dragazine, Girl Talk, Tapestry and Crossroads. He began thumbing through them, but after a short time felt uncomfortable. Something was wrong. Then he remembered. He'd bought the magazines for Kim, and it had been Kim who had read them, seeking information about how she could become real.

    Kevin put the magazines back in their box and then got up and carried it to the coffee table. He went to the bedroom and took off his pants and shirt. He turned in front of the full-length mirror on the closet door and smiled. The yellow satin camisole and panties he was wearing had lots of pretty white lace. Very feminine. Thanks to the laser treatment his skin was hair free, except for his thick blond hair, dark-blond eyebrows, and thick long light-brown lashes. He brushed out his hair, and put on eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. When he was satisfied, he added a little pale peach powder to his cheeks, just enough to give his fair skin some color. Then Kevin added lip liner, lipstick and lip-gloss.