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When the victim of a violent rape by three men doesn't want to testify in court, an unusual punishment is crafted for the perpetrators - living as women. What is in store for the hapless youths?

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    It was ten of them that showed op on Sunday. Vivian met them at the door and took them straight to a huge lounge with several sofas and easy chairs. "Before we sit down," she said. "I suppose you would like to see our new girl, she is just waking up."

    She took them to a room next door. The room was dark and had a huge window. It overlooked the next room where 'Craig' was about to get out of bed. "If you look at her now you will see that a lot has changed since Friday," Vivian said. "Her skin has straightened out and she looks just like a woman who just got out of bed. An assistant will soon arrive and take her to the permanent room where she will be washed and dressed. Her identity is already partly female, and we expect her to be ready in three weeks."

    "Amazing," Elizabeth said, "a little over 48 hours ago this person was a young man sitting in my office. I wonder where this will end?"