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Jude is an effeminate young man, who clearly thinks of himself as a woman. The oppression of his family and the world around him have, at times, led him to contemplate suicide. Luckily he stumbles upon a woman who will lead him to his ultimate truth. But what exactly do they need Jude for? Come along with him/her on this journey!

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    "I've never been in a really super place like this before. Am I doing things right?" Asked the nervous Jude.

    "Of course you are, Judy love. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I smiled because your movements are so naturally graceful, as if you've been living as a girl forever."

    Judy put her fork down and took her fist ever sip of decent Chardonnay.

    "Maybe I have been, but I was fooling everyone into thinking I'm a boy, everyone including me, although I felt like an awful drip being a boy. Sara, don't let them make me go back... That's funny. I haven't ever escaped yet and I'm asking you to not to let me go back."

    Sara reached across the tiny table and laid her hand on top of Judy's.

    "Judy, I promise you we're going to protect you and we're going to see to it that you become the beautiful young swan yo'fe destined to be."

    Judy smiled although her eyes were filled with tears. A nod of her head was all that was needed to convey her total commitment to Sara and to whatever plans she had for her. A strange thought crossed the young person's mind. What, she wondered, did Sara mean by 'we'?