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Poor Zach, he's got a big problem; he's transgendered and has gone to live in the little town of Pahrump Nevada. He doesn't really know what is happening to him, he just knows that he is drawn to another way of life. He quickly meets a gay female impersonator, Sunni, who shares her life's story and helps him on his journey. This is his biography of exploration.

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    For a supposed female impersonator show, it was largely a revival of burlesque; something that, by and large, died before he was born and, in his opinion, should have stayed dead. From seeing old performances regurgitated ad nauseum on television, as a child, while his parents liked them, Zach hated "pie-in-the-face" slapstick. Bur he saw the reason why it existed here. It took the edge off the main focus of the show: men dressed as women.

    Every performer was male. Even the "women" But the girls were all gorgeous!

    A small segment of the show had solo spots where there was lip-synching to songs by the girls. But one mummer sang in her own flawlessly feminine voice, Sunni Daye.

    A slinky yet bosomy performer with lumbar length tresses of gold, seeming effortlessly, Sunni created an aura of defiance in line with the theme of the show. Find the woman, indeed! If she was not genetically female, it would appear that to discover a penis between her legs to be a disappointment. Then again, regardless of the male appendage, anyone who would not accept this creature as female was shortchanging not her, but themselves.