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Andrew is a lazy young man, lucky enough to have a mother who can get him a job in a company that she owns. However working for a female boss who hates men, proves to be quite the challenge. First it is aprons and fixing the coffee and next he finds himself working as the lowest office 'girl', whom they have started calling Andrea. It's downhill from there as he is slowly feminized.

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    "I think Andrew's a lovely name, don't you Dorothy?" Mary said - and I started to cringe, having a premonition of what was coming. Wanted to shut her up, but held as I was in a vice like grip by her side, I could only pray I was wrong.

    Mummy looked puzzled. "Of course I like it Mary - I picked it after all. What on earth are you talking about?"

    "Edith told me that some of the ladies at his office are calling him Andrea. I told her that they shouldn't. Andrea's a girls name - and he's a boy!"

    Then mummy shocked me even more. "Andrea? A perfectly nice name. A bit girlish perhaps - but so is he, don't you think, Mary?"

    "Girlish?" Mary considered this for a few seconds longer than I cared for. "Well? He's pretty enough to be a girl, but he's all boy - MY boy!' With that, she did her utmost to crack a few more of my ribs with another bear hug.

    I was seething. Mummy had referred to be as a bit girlish, but then it dawned on me I'd forgotten to take off my makeup! Had she seen this? But if she had, she was unconcerned, "Okay you two! Enough is enough!" she laughed. Andrew - Andrea? Whatever your name is? Isn't it about time you modeled that nice apron that Mary showed me yesterday?"

    I groaned. "Aw mummy! I'm just in the door!"

    "So? You saying that it's too early for you to be giving Mary a hand about the house?"