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Brian, a young man off to a bad start, is caught shoplifting. His widowed Mom is at her wit's end when she hears of a special school that is designed to "help" troubled young people like her son. Neither realize that the school turns these boys into obedient girls to be servants to wealthy individuals.

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    "The training is actually simple. Long before they arrive, we have determined loosely which program they are going to be through. When they arrive, we immediately begin working at breaking their spirit. Let us leave out Category Four because they are merely boys that have to be tweaked into Stud or Sissy. What I am about to tell you is for 'girls' and sissies of Category One to Three.

    "We start with getting them used to being dressed as girls and extending that training as time progresses. While they enter the program thinking it is merely a short-term punishment, once we get them into female clothes, they will never come back to a boy's life.

    "As we do, we make our final determinations between the categories, though any fem who has excelled at Category Three or Two can be transferred to Category One at a word if a client takes a look at her and wants her broken-in properly. At the same time we're using subliminal messages to tweak their personalities." She leaned forward, handing him an earphone. "This is what they hear in their first week."

    He head a soft female voice whispering, 'If I don't listen, they will punish me. If I resist, they will hurt me. It isn't that bad, really, it's just embarrassing to be dressed as a girl. But I can handle it'. He cocked his head, handing it back. "Just hearing that works?"