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How do you catch a serial rapist obsessed with raping the same victim over and over, when she is in a coma in the hospital? Well if she has a twin, you convince the twin to impersonate the sister to lure him out. However, in this case the twin is male. He, Andy, is reluctant at first but is ultimately pressured into the plan for immunity from some bad mistakes in his past. Does he start to enjoy it or continue to struggle against it? Read on!

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    "Dad," Andy asked directly, "If the police asked you to dress up in women's clothing to catch a rapist who had hurt your sister, what would you do?"

    His dad sighed slightly and rubbed his big strong hands together. Then he looked Andy in the eyes before giving an honest answer. "It's a tough call, Andy, and one that only you yourself can make - but do what you think is the right thing. There's a bad man out there - one who has left your sister in a coma and could hurt others. And let's be honest with ourselves, in a worst case scenario, Andrea could yet die and you could be sent down for the foolish things you have involved yourself in with that set o' punks you hang around with! Can you imagine how devastated your Ma would be, losing both of her children?" How would commit himself no more than that.

    Andy paused again before replying. "Dad, would you be ashamed of me, If I did dress up like Andrea?" He asked with tears forming in his eyes.

    "No son, I would be immensely proud of you," his dad replied honestly, putting his arm around him and pulling Andy in for a loving hug.