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The intersection of sex and the church is a struggle between desire and church doctrine, but when you layer it with transgender feelings it is explosive. All of these characters are struggling to be good Catholics and Velva Linda having, addressed her feelings and begun living as a woman some years before, is perhaps the best adjusted to the situation, Roger struggles with it but sees marriage to the lovely Velva Linda as a way around those feelings. Then there's Velva Linda's new friend Marguerite and the surprising emotions she inspires in the trans-woman. It's all so complicated, just like real life.

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    Roger groaned in misery. He would make the clean break, he told himself, if only he could be fully convinced it was right - but he could not. If he could, he would tell Velva Linda goodbye, never to meet with her again, perhaps to spend his whole life alone - but it was not good for a man to be alone! God Himself had said that! Roger knew it was true, in the deepest core of his heart! If he defied God's word and his own deepest needs about that how could he have any certainty about anything at all in this world?