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Reluctant Press Book Cover

She knew her husband was a crossdresser, so when her company desperately needed a consulting accountant to work on a project for a lingerie company that had had past issues with males, she suggested that he take the position. The disguise comes off without a hitch but somehow he is led into a much deeper sexual adventure as a woman.

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    When I came to, I was lying in a bed wearing only my panties. I could see my clothes on the chair by the wall, but when I tried to move, my head started spinning like crazy again, so I remained absolutely still waiting for it to subside. I tried remembering what happened but had only vague recollections of the party and Marilyn and Frankie. I remembered Frankie's breasts crushing into me and I couldn't remember where Shirley was. What had happened to her? My anxiety was building, making it so difficult to remain still.

    Someone was in the room. "Are you up yet, darling?" It sounded like Judy but I couldn't turn my head to verify. "You drank a little too much whatever your name is (she knows) and you simply passed out. You're now in a bedroom upstairs recovering from your programming session."

    What's she talking about?

    We took the liberty of removing your clothes and lo and behold, look what we discovered. You can't imagine the shock it caused Frankie and me, discovering that our cute little adorable new controller, Cindy, was actually a man. What a nifty secret, con't you think?"