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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Two female domination stories by Jennifer Sue. In The Return to Chivalry, boys and girls may have to swap gender roles to be in a honored group that upholds the highest values of this society in this alternative reality. In Girls Don't Need an Education, Linda resents how she is being treated to be a perfect daughter while her brother gets to be a ruffian. Read what happens once she gets her hands on him.

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    "You agree that choosing a proper punishment is my prerogative?"

    Again poor Wendy could do nothing but agree with his domineering step-sister.

    "Good," she exclaimed. "You will live with me as my sister until you graduate from high school! You will live as a prissy girl... the type of girl our father expected girls to be. Your life with me will be one of sugar and spice and everything nice! I'll accept no resistance or complaints. My decision is final. Between now and the time you graduate you will wear nothing but pretty skirts and dresses! The only exception will be the next two weeks while you finish this school year. Even then you'll be wearing girl's clothes except for your jeans and shoes. Do you understand that, YOUNG LADY?"

    Wendy trembled violently.

    "Yes Linda I understand," he replied in a soft voice as tears trickled from the corners of hsi anguish filled eyes. The idea of living as a girl was repulsive yet at the same time the prospect of wearing the naughtily sensual clothes of a girl was seductively appealing.