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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Four Spectrum TV stories... Ladie's Night - Larry's comments about his boyish looking wife before she makes up, starts him on a long journey. Ladysmith - Bill's middle name of Bambi gives his model girlfriend ideas. When the Party's Over - a Halloween story where Jesse is on the road to becoming Zach's girlfriend. Teacher Teacher - Joe runs into his old teacher who still has much to school him in.

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    Ever since Zach had arrived to pick Jesse up for the party, he had been mesmerized with Jesse's costume.

    No, it had been more than that. Even then without the liquor that was now playing with his mind and senses, Zach had been absolutely entranced with Jesse's total image all evening.

    Right down to the voice and mannerisms, Jesse had dressed that Halloween night to protray a very appealing and very sexy... woman.

    With face expertly made up, he was wearing a very realistic, long, auburn wig that ended deep between his bare shoulder blades. Jesse had worn a very tight dress that showed a definite feminine figure that looked very realistic...

    ...With the voice and all else, Zach saw him as a completely perfect woman and was not unaffected.

    So it became very easy for Zach to be attracted to the vision before him. Zach was getting sexually excited.