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Reluctant Press Book Cover

This is a murder mystery and transgender story about lives that become intertwined as the individuals grow up. Joe, a cop assigned to investigate a suspected serial killer, REnee and old friend of Joe's who has transitioned, and her friend Alex, who has struggled with gender identity since he was very young. Well written with multidimentional characters.

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    The woman said nothing. Alex, without preamble, then began to speak about himself.

    "As far back as I can remember, I've had special feelings about girls and women. Not just like other guys, but an affinity. I wanted to be like them; felt I was, really. When I was little, I used to dress in my mother's clothes. I'd pretend I was a girl. It always made me feel funny inside. My aunt - I used to live near her - taught this ballet class and I'd like come in sometimes to turn pages on her sheet music. It was real funny, because if you skipped a page by mistake, she'd just keep playing like the sheet music had been written like that.

    "I'd see all these pretty girls dressed in leotards, tutus, and ballet shoes, and I'd wish I could be like them. Well I went on like that until I was about twelve or so. I had dreams, too. Dreams about being a girl. It made me feel ashamed."