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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Ted, a young college student, realizes that his body is altering and quickly; quickly becoming more feminine. As his world starts to unravel with this increasing change he searches for help from the University staff but with no satisfaction, at least until he speaks to his advisor and biology teacher, Dr. Sam Pimbrook. But is Dr. Sam really helping him or part of a larger mystery?

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    Nineteen year old Theodore Lewis pushes his way out of the Student Clinic and into the cold February morning. He hadn't been this close to crying since his Dad's death nearly four years ago. The doctor had acted as if suddenly having breasts erupt on your chest was absolutely nothing - no big deal. Try to be a normal nineteen year old living in the confines of a Freshman dormitory with tits that seemed to grow larger and larger every day! What would happen to him when he could no longer hide them, which seemed to be soon?

    Ted balled his hands into fists as the rage hit him. "Damn it all he didn't believe me, he all but called me a liar." The Doc had been a real prick! Prick! "PRICK!" The last thought inadvertently vocalized. The word evoked a snicker from a passing co-ed.