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Reluctant Press Book Cover

It all begins with a shoot out in this Old West story. Daran McLaughlin is on the way to a hanging for his part in the fight, but the circumstances give the sheriff a reason to let him disappear, if he leaves the area. On top of all this, Daran was wounded in his genitals. If he is going to leave without being discovered, he must assume a disguise and the local Chinese doctor has provided the perfect one as a result of his work reconforming Daran's genitals. It just may mean a whole new life.

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    "Well, Xian, what is it? I asked in a feminine concerned voice. "Is there something wrong?"

    He gave me a ghost of a smile and moved out of the way of the mirror. What I saw in the mirror stunned me, even though I had been looking at the rest of the package, nothing prepared me for what I saw. It was a perfectly formed womanhood, virginal, to be exact. Xian had been a genius! I had seen my sister's womanhood before and mine looked just as perfect as hers had. I felt week on my feet and knelt there on the rug. Suddenly, Xian was there and he put a ladies night coat around me. I looked up at him in gratitude and allowed him to help me rise.