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Reluctant Press Book Cover

If Edward's parents would only leave him alone about marriage. He just hadn't found the right woman yet, didn't they understand? In an act of self defense, he makes contact with a matchmaker who has been hanging around his club. Her program is not just matchmaking however, it is designed to tailor prospective mates to her clients. First he has to learn to be a woman!!!

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    Finally I stepped out from the bath and felt the huge towel engulf my relaxed state. I hardly noticed that all my body had remained in the tub. As I wiped myself it slowly dawned on me. My mouth opened wide as I looked in the full length mirror first seeing my smooth calves before opening the towel and going into complete shock.

    I was totally hairless. My entire body. That's what all the heat had been about. That cream had burned off every last hair on my body. Raising my arms, I stared at my bare armpits as I felt this weird sensation. Only my head and eyebrows had been spared. Before I could find any equilibrium, Mrs. Kelly had wrapped my wet hair in a towel and was nudging me towards the bedroom where I spotted the clothes on the bed. Were they for me? They looked so much like lady's stuff.

    To say I was in shock didn't really come close to the profound disorientation I was feeling. Standing there naked she handed me a pair of nylon panties asking me to put them on before I caught a chill. I stepped into them and quickly pulled them up, feeling an intense need to be covered, barely caring how I looked and hardly noticing how differently they felt from my cotton boxers. When she held open the straps of a bra, I begrudgingly offered my arms watching her pull the straps up my smooth arms and over my shoulders before attaching the clasp behind me. "Won't it be nice when you won't need these," Mrs. Kelly was placing a breast pad in each cup arranging them so they laid properly. She had to be kidding.