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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Jimmy's past gang behaviour and school failures were piling up when his mom passed and his Aunt came into his life. They had to smuggle him out of town to avoid a gang leader by disguising him as a girl. Now in many stories the transformation would start there, but not this one. He gets back into boys clothes once he gets to his Aunt's house. She does give him meds to help him adjust and be a little suggestible for a better life, however. Now what happens when her oldest daughter decides to have some fun with the all to compliant young man whom she has seen dressed as a girl?

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    "That boy didn't recognize you, did he?" his aunt questioned once she had helped him to a chair.

    "No I don't think so, anyway," he finally allowed his revulsion to show and looked more than a little Ill. "The Fixer likes little girls."

    "Everyone likes pretty little girls." Margaret grinned in relief. "and you you pulled off the deception perfectly dear."

    "No," Jimmy shook his head in denial. "Not that I wasn't your perfect little lady, but the guy likes little girls."

    "Oh" Margaret's eyes narrowed as she caught was he was really saying. "You mean he..."

    "Yes," Jimmy confirmed.

    "Then it's lucky he didn't recognize you isn't it?" the woman chuckled. "He'd probably keep you in pretty skirts and get his jollies off you for a long, long time if he caught you this way, wouldn't he?"