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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Two stories: In Denise's Dilemma, Dennis takes an undercover assignment as a woman and it starts a cascade of life changing events for both him and his wife, Alice. In The Party Dress, a woman discovers a dress in an old trunk in an attic. It's wrapped and labeled "Do Not Open", but she does anyway and the lives of quite a few males are altered forever.

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    When I awoke the next morning I had to think for a minute to understand why I was wearing this frilly pink nightie to bed. It came to me and I didn't feel so perverted as I slid out of bed and examined my image in the full length dressing mirror. I found that I liked what I saw.

    Alice was still asleep as I went into the bathroom and had my morning shower.

    I padded in bare feet back to the bedroom wearing my towel female style, over my chest just under the arms.

    Alice was up by then and had the bed made. She was laying the clothes she wanted me to wear that day on the bed and I watched her till she was done.

    'Dress yourself and try your make-up Denise," she instructed as she headed off for her bath. "You'll have to do it sooner or later anyway, might as well start now."