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The ebook Undertow is a copy of special edition hard copy book that is now no longer available in that format. It's a long story of 147 pages. A young man, fresh out of college, gets a job in a prestigious Seattle private investigation firm. The owner, Sydney Willow, impressed with his education, tests him for undercover by sending him out in disguise as a woman.

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    As the young man wades deeper into the corporate "ocean" the sand continues to erode beneath his feet. He sees himself as adaptable, flexible and professional so each step is rationalized even as it becomes more treacherous.

    After weeks of office work, he is finally sent to Reno to investigate the disappearance of a casino owner. thrilled to be on assignment, he plunges into the role, only to underestimate the strength of the current. Around him swim the criminals - possible bank robbers, extortionists, and the sharks of an international prostitution ring.

    Amid successes and costly mistakes, he returns to Seattle stunned to find the true cost of his endeavors. His employers are only tot happy to plot his future.

    But is it to be "his" future?