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This begins our latest serial addition to the Mags Inc Origins Library. Phyllis, once known as Phil, owns and runs the exclusive lingerie salon, Black Lace and Promises, which caters to an exclusive and exotic clientele. This is the story, told in 3 parts, of her sexy life and times.

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    As Jane took her hands and put cool water on her breasts, she asked, "When did you have to start wearing a bra and living full time as a girl? I remember one summer when Phil was about 14 he went to stay with his aunt and Phyllis came back and enrolled in girls' Catholic school with my sister. Is that when you went full time as a female?"

    "You guessed right. My Mom and my aunt had an attorney change my name and with the help of one of his friends they got me a birth certificate and when I went to change schools, Mom took the records to them and when she went back to pick them up it was just as if Phyllis had always gone to school. The doctor in Chicago made out an excuse stating that I had a birth defect of my sexual organs and that I was to be excused from any girls' gym classes that involved changing my clothes and taking a shower."

    "That worked perfectly until I really started sprouting breasts and the boys started noticing me as a girl. I guess that big boobs went along with the idea that I was probably easy. Boy, were they sure wrong! I never liked boys but Mom insisted that I have a few important dates like homecoming where she was free to dress me in a frilly dress, stockings and heels. She got more of a thrill out of watching me walking down the front walk in a short frilly dress on a date with a boy than I ever had during the date."