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Reluctant Press Book Cover

When Carl Ritter noticed the tall powerfully built woman dancing at the hall, little did he know that this would be his future mate. Little did he also realize that it would be the beginning of a whole new life, as a Farmer's Wife!

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    "Sam, you can't really expect me to wear this to the dance?" I looked at her with indignation, sitting on the bed in only my girdle and bra.

    "Why not, it's Mom's dress and it's hardly ever been worn. And it's perfect for a square dance. Since I'll taking the man's part that leaves you with the ladies' and this is surely the easiest way to inform everybody that you're the lady. Remember the other men must recognize you as the lady if you expect them to swing you around and treat you like one."

    "I'm not going and that's final. You're asking too much. " I remained seated in my pink underwear pouting. Why had I agreed to go to this silly dance anyway?

    It's true, earlier that day I had bone to church in a dress for the first time, but I'd been uptight the whole time, kicking myself for letting Sam talk me into it. Her mother's dress had fit rather well and after Sam had combed out my hair (I couldn't recall it ever being so long) I'd just gone along with her when she led me out the door.