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The world of espionage is a serious and complex one. Many sacrifices have to be made by the people who work undercover to protect civilization from evil. Sometimes a man even has to become a woman in order to seduce those who would imperil our safety.

Lieutenant Stephen Nixon is one of those chosen few. A trained assassin, Lt. Nixon is forced to go undercover as a beautiful woman.

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    I squirmed and felt my stockings rubbing against one another and my garter belt gently pulling my stockings up my legs as I sat with crossed legs and tried to note where we were going. So this was how a woman felt, was all that ran through my shaky thoughts, however, not chasing away the queasiness that invaded my whole body. My breasts seemed far too aroused, so too my thighs where the garter belt tugged on me each time I stirred a leg.

    I could hardly do anything as a passenger in the car with the crazy feelings running through me. Luckily, I didn't have to as Thierry put his arm about my shoulders and directed me to lie against him as I had seem so many pretty girls do with their men in cars like this. I tried to remember where I'd seen girls behaving like me, but I couldn't. We were on our way, my future husband and me, me with a ring on my finger and thoroughly now a young woman in dress and expectation.