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Two Short Stories: In The Spirit of the Mountain, Ms. Evans brings us a modern version of a Native American transformation legend with the challenge presented as a beautiful love story In The Doll, a man finds himself lost in a slum section of town where he compulsively buys a bride doll from a strange store called "Dolls for All Occasions" and his wife finds herself faced with a nightmare like dilemma. Or is it just the beginning of a beautiful dream?

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    "Sir, ethics demands that I warn you about special properties of my dolls."

    "Ethics? Warn? Special properties?" Paul snorted. "What are you trying to do? Jack up the price?"

    The old man laughed softly, as if at some private joke. "No, not in the least, sir. Once the price is set, it's set. No more, no less. It's just that I think you will be happier with another doll - a boy's doll."

    "No I would not! I've already told you, I like this one!"

    The old man sighed in defeat. His customer was adamant about buying the doll. If the man wanted a girl's doll, why should he worry about it. Business had been a little on the slow side lately, and a sale is a sale, after all. But still, he had to try one last time.

    "Sir I must warn you. Once you buy that doll, there are no returns or exchanges. All sales are final."