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Five short stories about a magical ring and the changes that it may just be triggering.

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    "He got mad. I started throwing things at him. I couldn't hit him and he kept teasing me. I guess I sort of wished he were a girl so he could understand what it is like to have a runt for a younger brother. I hit him with Grandma's old ring and suddenly he was surrounded by bright lights. When they left, he was a girl.

    "And you, young man?" she asked me.

    "I might have teased her, just a little, but she had it coming. Anyway she kept throwing things at me and missing. I caught Grandma's old ring when Karen threw it and I was surrounded by a bright light. I felt all sorts of funny things happening to my body and clothes. The the light was gone and I found myself a girl."

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    Tales of the ring

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    The ring several tales of old ring, the stories say its special, even magical, each one who used the ring either accidentally or unconscious make a wish. Each one was changed into a girl a woman. Not cosmetically, but physically, biologically, even genetically, there mental and emotionally state to slowly adjusted to being one. But that isn't the strangest thing either.