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In part 3 of this amazing story, the young man now known as Monique has been at the special training school for some months. The regimen has intensified and the feminization has advanced greatly. With the basics out of the way, the trainees now have to learn the womanly art of pleasing a man.

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    My Own Graduation

    The headmistress blindfolded me and leashed me, the collar tight around my neck.

    "I'm so proud of you," she whispered into my ear. "Ready?" I nodded. I allowed her to lead me. There is a trick to walking on a lead; if it is too tight, move toward the person leading you. If you feel it is too loose, slow your pace just a trifle. I followed her perfectly.

    Then she dropped the leash, a silent command to stop.

    "You know what you must say, my dear. Tell us what you will be doing."

    I looked up. Even blind, I knew I was looking at Rebecca and Yi Yu. "I wish to become a woman to put aside girlie-boi things and take on the responsibilities and privileges of a woman. I submit myself willingly to the headmistress and to my new master. My will is your will..."