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Desperate to stay on at the university, George accepts a position as a "lab rat" in an unusual psychological experiment: he will take on the appearance of a girl, and his adaptation will be carefully observed, recorded and analyzed. George assures his girlfriend, Linda, that the change will be only in looks, and he'll be the same inside. George won't lose Linda, get a handsome and wealthy new boyfriend, and be totally transformed, inside and out - will he? This isn't some nefarious scheme after all, is there?

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    Once again, the room seemed to fade away. George listened and then didn't listen. Maybe he didn't understand he was listening, absorbing all the details and scenarios that Judith was taking him through.

    Judith watched him too. She knew she was skilled, and could talk most of her subjects into a trance-like state. She stayed slow and even, as she took him deeper, describing how he would dress as a woman, about makeup and hair, heels and hose, perfume, and the power a woman can have over a man simply be being feminine.

    She noticed nothing to suggest her suggestions weren't being absorbed comfortably, She watched him breathing contentedly and resisted the temptation to play a little with him, to tes how and if he was really in trance.