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Dale is happy that his father has found a new wife. Happy that is until her sister and niece move into the house and decide to exchange her very feminine room for his and then fires the maid. Who do you think will begin to replace her?

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    "I just received a letter from Grace telling me that everything is going according to plan. She also suggests that we ought to consider making Dale laxative dependent. Then, all we have to do is stop giving him his laxative and viola! He soon does everything that we want. So, tonight we start making little Dale dependent. It shouldn't take more than a week and another two or three days to teach him just how dependent he is. By then, he will do and say whatever we tell him to. Judicious use of the hair brush should be more than enough to convince him to cooperate fully, don't you think?"

    "As a matter of fact we had better start developing our story to explain what's happening. After all, the changes in Dale and his attitude will be very pronounced. If my guess is correct Dale should be sporting some very unmasculine bulges soon.

    "We are going to have to come up with a believable story and it is going to have to sound like it was all Dale's idea. Now, baby, what do you think if we..."