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A reluctant young soldier, attached to Caesar's army is taken as a slave. Instead of his expectations he is sent to a female slave group where his is transformed into a girl named Drusilla to become the perfect slave girl for Lady Octavia's son...

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    "Are you curious about what I did to you?" questioned Kara innocently.

    "Yes Mistress," I answered.

    "Good, I thought that would be your response, just as it has with al the other girls. Well, Drusilla, I had a bit more to do on you than your bondage sisters and took me an hour to complete. I did two major things to you. The first was relatively minor. I put some saline solution into your small breasts that will make them swell over the next few hours. The effect should give you realistic breasts for a few days. As you adjust to your new condition, I'm sure that the breast enlargement will eventually become permanent with the treatment I am prescribing for you. It is based on a very ancient homeopathic principle that works for us in the desert areas of Caesar's Empire. Secondly, I removed your testes and disabled your small penis. It is now so small, it could be mistaken for a slightly enlarged clitoris. I then sewed it behind a rather convincing labia majoris that I made from your empty sac. You shall now be able, once it heals, to take a man from the front as well as the rear," she explained.