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It was just a car accident, but it changed Richard's completely. While driving with Zoe, the wife of his friend Georgio, they have a bad car accident and Zoe is killed. Just before she dies, her consciousness is transported into his body. Set in a world of drugs and orgies, with danger lurking everywhere, this begins a struggle as to who will control the person once known as Richard.

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    I turned and looked in the mirror. My god! I looked just like Zoe. My eyebrows are too bushy. I took a mirror and tweezers and began to shape them.

    It was a while before Sandra returned. She carried a plastic bag which obviously had a flat box in it.

    "You didn't tell me they were new, still in the box."

    "I didn't really remember. Georgio liked them and got them for me."

    "Who's talking now? Zoe?

    "No, I'm Dick. Do you like these?"

    "Very pretty. But how did you know about them?"

    "Silly. I told you that Georgio got them."

    "For you?"

    "How many people does he buy panyhose for? I've got to finish my eyebrows. Could you help?"

    "Of course. I'm a little frightened. Are you Dick or Zoe?"

    "Hum? I'm not sure. Is it important?"

    "I... guess not."