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Paul Rogan, a private eye, is given the assignment of finding a missing brother, who incidentally is a crossdresser. When he does locate him, he seems happily engaged in a research program about what makes crossdressers tick. But to this skilled investigator, something smells fishy and when he digs more deeply he finds a dark plot forcing men to become subservient women. In service to what?

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    Outside I acted in every way as the perfect French maid. Just like the time when I first met Yvette, I looked to the outsider like a man in drag, but to me I was the perfect example of femininity and I exuded an aura of femininity. I did not want to behave in the way I did, but I could not resist.

    The computer programming affected a level below my consciousness, so I acted in response to its instructions in an instinctive way. By the time I realized I wanted to object, I had already done or said what I objected to. After a morning of dusting, I was called into Dr. Formyle's office. Also present were Nurse Keatings, and a fat middle aged man I had never seen before.

    "Ah Paula, there you are," smiled the doctor.

    "This is Mr. Robins, our latest recruit, just recovering from his surgery." I could see an elastoplast on his temple where the implant had been fitted. "As he is a voluntary member of our little community and very important to us, we promised some fun before his new femininity prevented him from enjoying it."

    "What kind of fun?" I asked.

    "Do you remember what you and Colette, the pretty little French maid, were up to the other day?"

    I blanched. "Oh no, you couldn't."

    Both doctor and nursed laughed.

    "I keep telling you," she replied. as they both reached for hand sets. "I can do anything with you."

    ... "You really are an evil bitch," I snarled.