Mags Inc
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This is a very dark science fiction story. A company creates a powerful virtual world platform named Sin City that makes others look like simple games. In it the user not only participates in extreme sex, but becomes addicted to it as well. Yet it goes even further and takes control of the players' real lives. It is into this that a couple becomes enmeshed with the husband also being changed into a sluty woman.

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    For some reason she could not understand, she returned to the box with the clothing. "Still, this is a pretty dress and just look at these shoes!" As she held them in her hands she felt an electric shock run up her arms and collide with her brain. "I must try them on, they would look perfect on me.

    "Well just the shoes. What harm can it do?" She took the satin red six-inch high heels and put them on her feet. They were made for her and the matching dress beckoned to her.

    "I don't have time to deal with this right now, maybe later," she thought about the shoes that were now part of her. A flood of nanites entered her body, programming her brain for the next phase of her indoctrination to the abnormal sexual thoughts and desires that would be needed for the game.

    "I do like these shoes. They feel so comfortable I could wear them all day. I need to try on that red dress. It would show my best attributes. What am I saying. Where are these thoughts coming from?"