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An extremely sexy story of a man, slowly dominated by his wife and her associate, turning him into their feminine plaything.

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    "In a way her misguided marriage to that pompous fool turned out to be a good thing for you." 

    "Really?" I say, watching as she crosses her leg, starts one bare foot swinging back and forth. Allegra's rather large feet compliment her height and robust figure.

    "You're so different than that man. I think that's why she married you. You're shy and unassuming, don't mind staying at home while she's out making her fortune. You are just what she needs, a man she can come home to, someone to cuddle with and who takes care of the house."

    "Well, I keep the books for her business in our home office. The girls in the office know little about bookkeeping. She says that's a great help since she doesn't  like to be bothered with figures and finance." 

    "And keep house."

    "Well, yes, that too."

    I look at her swinging foot remember the occasion of our first unlikely intimacy.

    She told me I had dainty feet, that she envied them, went to her closet and came back with a pair of tall heels, told me to try them on. I didn't want to do it but she was adamant. Like Gabrielle, Allegra is strong willed. So I took off my socks and slipped my bare feet into her shoes. There was room to spare and she said I looked cute in heels. She told me to hold up my pants cuffs and look at my feet in the mirror, how nice they looked.