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Carroll Hollister is a story about a man who is a writer, a transvestite and perhaps more. We follow him on his journey from the rut that he finds himself in, to a more exciting one, with a few adventures along the way. The second story, Nun Such is a short and sweet memory of a boy who grows into a famous woman singer and finally a nun.

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    I looked up just as a fairly plain maid dressed in the style of 1905 or so, curtseyed at the door, then minced into the room and stopped before Martha, again curtseying deeply.

    �It�s about time, Miss Hana!� Ma snapped. �I have a good mind to give you a sound birching on that fat ass of yours!�

    �But, Miss Martha,� the maid objected softly, curtseying, �I do not have a fat ass!�

    �Are you arguing with me, girl?� Ma demanded.

    Again, the deep curtsey. �Oh, no, Ma�am! I would never dare do that!�