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Chatty and sexy, this is a story of college life, specifically with the Greek organizations, fraternities and sororities. Some of the girls didn't start out that way, and some of the boys, well some won't stay that way. It's all a part of the hazing tradition.

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    "Before you go off for a little R and R with Will Merton," Rachel said to Brenda, making the blonde girl flush at the casual acceptance that she was another man's girl friend. "I want you to try this out with him"

    'This' was an artificial vagina that made Brenda shake to just look at it.

    "I'm wearing one now." said Rachel, lifting her dress and showing off the black, frilly panties she was wearing. The panties slid down over the tops of her stockings and Brenda had to gasp as it did look as if Rachel had a woman's vagina.