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Two stories from Bea, one of the best and famous of the feminine domination and sissification authors:

In Paradise Island, Michael, a young man facing unemployment, meets a mysterious woman on his last day at the restaurant where he has been working. She offers him a job at her exclusive sexual retreat. She has plans for him far beyond his imagination.

In A Position in The Family, Phillip, a young man raised in feminine pursuits, by a single mother is offered a job tutoring his cousin at the remote but luxurious estate of his Aunt's. Miss Terry, his cousin, soon has him in dresses and lingerie and virtually serving as her maid.

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    "Hush! Act properly!" she whispered firmly - then kissed me again, her hand now inside my chiffon overblouse and sliding up my halter.

    What she was doing was suddenly clear, "You're strong Keri!" I whispered and nuzzled into her neck.

    "That's it! You're my soft, pretty girl?" she asked, her hand now down between my legs, then unfastening the back of my pants and pulling the zipper down slowly.

    "Oh yesss!" I hissed as her hand was now caressing my as through my panties.

    "What pretty panties! You're so lovely!" she was saying and somehow I found myself on my back on top of the bed with her strattling me. 

    "See? You can act the part of a girl just fine!