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Mike Sharp is a Hollywood stunt man. It's an exciting life, a good living, and there is no telling what he might be asked to do next. Well as it turns out, next is standing in for a famous actress and as he is small of stature, it works very very well. Perhaps a little too well!

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    �You wanna go through a law suit?� Tammy asked me. �None of us saw anything but you dressed up and acting like a woman. I should have told you in the shack that, if he wanted you to boff him, you were going to have to do it.�

    �But I�m a man,� I told her in shock, the mirror contradicting me as I looked every inch like Annette O�Brien in a tight skirt and ruined makeup and hair.

    �Not now you ain�t, kid,� Tammy said to me. �Now you�re Annette.�

    �But I�m not a woman!� I�d screamed hoarsely at Tammy.