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Mark is a young man troubled by increasingly disturbing dreams, dreams in which he is crossdressed, often in the most seductive ways. These dreams are often erotic in nature as well. They persist for years and eventually alter his real life in surprising ways.

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    It seemed like I had just closed my eyes when the dream began. I was surrounded by fog. The air was warm and moist. I could not see, hear or smell anything. I took several steps. I was standing on something soft and covered with long, black grass. A breeze came up and the fog swirled around me. I brushed my shoulder length brown hair back and looked down at my body.

    I was wearing a pink satin bra, pink satin panties and pink high heel sandals. I put my hands under the bra cups and squeezed my breasts. Looking down at my feet I saw ten pink toenails looking up at me through the open toe of high heel sandals I was wearing.