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A simple basketball injury for Webster Adams Arnold sends him to the emergency room at the local hospital. The doctors discover an abscess in his groin area that only gets worse over time. Then as a result of confusion and incompetence his privates are removed and then, to his horror, reconstructed. Told in present day, after his life has changed completely and in flashbacks to the trauma of his hospital experiences.

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    "You've given me a vagina!" I accused Anderson when he and Niemens were there together and they both looked at me as if I had gone mad.

    "It's not a vagina," said Anderson, looking hard at Niemens who had begun to blush. "Look Web, I had to do something with all the stuff you had hanging down after the removal of the diseased tissue. I was trying to save all I could and not leave you with o basic plumbing in your lower body."

    "If it's not a vagina, why him?" I asked Anderson looking at the OBGYN. 

    "It's not a vagina," Niemens cut in quickly. He smiled. He had a much nicer bedside manner than Anderson. "A duct or a vent would be a good word for it. No, I work with hormone systems all the time and somethinhg like this," he pointed to my vagina as I insisted on calling it, "and what's inside you, what GEorge has preserved for his planned pinile contruction, which I thknik will b fascinating... um, the hormones, yes, your hormones are bound to be knocke out of whack."