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  • THE CONYER'S MYSTERY Part #2 by Jane Young - M355
  • THE CONYER'S MYSTERY Part #2 by Jane Young - M355

The story of a depraved justice system and the boy now known as Marie Conyers now incarcerated at Twin Valleys / Training Services for Women continues.

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    The Marie Conyers incarcerated at "Twin Valleys / Training Services for Women" was in fact a boy who was captured at the scene of an accident and was used by the late Julia Edmunds to protect her perfect record as a warden.

    She had never had a prisoner escape on her watch and she needed a body to keep her head count correct while the search continued for the real Conyers.

    The fact that Conyers was on the loose was never disclosed to anyone except the few people I named in this document. After a week of searching for the real Conyers in and around the area of the bus accident, by the prison guards, the physical search was terminated.