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Charlie and Adam are just a couple of crazy gay boys who meet in college and fall in love, but with a story as their lives go on. Adam is in the closet with his family and they have told him that his sister is getting married and his parents want to know who he will bring. If he brings his love, his secret is out, unless Charlie changes his appearance.

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    Adam was already sitting at the bar nursing a glass of lager as he chatted to the barman. Slowly, remembering every lesson that Mary had given to me, I walked towards him, my heels soundless on the plush carpet, my hips swaying in a most sultry way and watching as the barman nodded towards me indicating to Adam that I had arrived.

    Again I watched as Adam turned nervously towards me and the I grinned as his mouth feel open in abject surprise, shock flooding though his eyes as he jumped to his feet and stood before me.