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This is a crime and punishment story from the inestimable Bebe Talons. The Honorable Leonid Diaz, a lawyer in the "Big City", is dragged back into the lives of his former wife, now deceased due to a suicide, and her children, when he is called to represent the son in a murder charge. How does it relate to our stories, Leonid is a crossdresser and quite likely more, as is the son Cheerleese.

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    I gazed at Cherleese�s naked body approvingly for some moments, noting the budding breasts, the extremely narrow waist (just like Doreen�s had been!) and the swell of feminine hips above beautiful legs and tiny, size six feet, the same as Doreen was. In fact, except for the one tiny detail, he was an almost exact duplicate of my late ex-wife!

    Right then and there, his future was sealed in stone! One way or another, he would become my Doreen�s replacement in every way in my life! And I did mean every way!

    Oh, I knew it would be a long, hard transition for both of us, but the difference between us was that I knew what the eventual outcome would be while he had no clue and probably never would have!