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A story about a bunch of kids feeling their way through the hormonally confusing high school years. Eddie a secret cigarette smoker is drawn to women's clothes. Conrad a neighbor has been made to be feminine by his controlling mother and Eddie has become enthralled by her. Joannie, his girlfriend, is being molested by her drunken stepfather. Leah his sister is encouraging his feminine explorations.

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    "Thanks, Ed. But hear me out first. I was always what my father called a sissy, a fairy. That was so hurtful. He tried to beat it out of me so Mommy left him. We moved here thinking I might not be so different living in a big city where nobody knows the truth about me."

    "Being forced to live as a boy made me terribly sad. After a scene with my father, I tried to ....I slit my wrists." She paused to show me the barely faded scars.

    "That's when Mommy took me by to all kinds of shrinks. We finally round one who said that my personality, my inner being didn't match my sex organs and helped me to accept myself as I am emotionally, as I am meant to be."