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Part 1 of two parts... John Samuel Barrington was a young man with a beautiful voice, perhaps a little too beautiful for a man. In order to advance is singing career, he starts not correcting those who mistake him for a girl and then, at the suggestion of a friend, starts encouraging that impression.

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    I saw two or three people I knew at Morton but I had changed enough, my hair in particular, that I don't think anyone knew me there. I was bemoaning that fact to Julie at her home. She was looking for summer work, just like me.

    "Why don't you sing?" Julie asked me, right out of the blue, as we sat together in her living room, studying the Classifieds in the local rag. There were only about five red circles around ads we could even try for, landscaping and telemarketing, with a hundred people going for such places, just like us.

    "That's for girl singers and groups," I said as Julie tapped her fingers on the ad that she'd seen.

    "I figure we make a pretty good duo," said Julie. "We sing together well. You said so yourself."