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Terry is encouraged to change gender by his wife, but it starts a thought process in his supervisor at work, a process of self discovery.

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    It has been several years since Teri transitioned at work. Her transition was initiated by her spouse, Jill, because she recognized that 'Terry' would never be completely happy until he became Teri. Jill was aware of the constant stress in Terry's life and remembered, that when they were dating, Terry mentioned that at one point in his life, while he was single, he had attended a Halloween dress-up party, going as the office secretary. Jill did not know why Terry chose that outfit. Was it a dare? Did he lose a bet? Or did he draw the short straw,designation what he would have to wear? She filed that information in her memory.

    Years later, thinking that a change in Terry would enhance their retirement, she initiated a very gradual feminization process - a process which turned Terry into Teri.