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Poor Mike O'Conner, orphaned at 15, was patiently waiting out his minority when, as he was about to get his freedom from the Suffolk County Child Protection Home, a woman shows up with approved adoption papers. Not only that but she informs him that he was now to be known as Michelle Louise O'Conner and would assume the role of a young woman.

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    "I do want to be your daughter!"

    "And you want to learn how to be the best woman ever, don"t you, Sweetheart?" she prompted.

    In spite of himself, Mike nodded, his tenuous masculinity dissolving completely to the overpowering need to be loved. "Please, teach me to be a good girl! Teach me to be a good wife to Maurice! Teach me to be the woman that he can be proud of, one in whose company he can hold his head high! Teach me how to please him! Teach me to be his wife! Oh God! I don't even know him yet, and I want to do anything to please him, and I do mean, anything!"