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This is a sweet story about the slow evolution of a boy into a lovely young woman, both through his own inclinations and the urgings of family.

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    An extroverted boy appears on Youtube cavorting about to the music on the stereo. His stepparents encourage his interest in performing. He finds he loves femininity as well as performing. Growing up he gets small parts in plays and commercials but due to his short stature he gets no leading roles and is turned down for a part in a musical by the director who comments, He sings like a girl.

    Eventually he gets a contract job offer to sing and dance in a drag revue in a Vegas nightclub. He begins seeing a therapist to explore his love of femininity and starts taking hormones. By chance he meets an assertive woman who is an internationally known author. This develops into a relationship and he moves in with her to become her sissy maid, part time secretary and lesbian lover while continuing to dance and sing at the club. He eventually undergoes SRS and they get married.