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This is a 4 part story and has a similar background to this story as the movie, Avatar. Sometime in the future, they have invented a way to project your mind into a being in an alternative universe, and a reporter is assigned to write a story about his experience. Only in this story, the man is projected into the life of a female and the coming back is all twisted up as well.

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    "On the next page, you'll see that they put you in a tanning chamber," Brandy looked up sharply as I said that. Her eyes flashed blue as she stared at me, eyes like her Dad's I thought. "Well that's what it looks like to me! You have to lie down with a sedative or something in you and they run these takes while you are out of it. Dreams is what they are really selling...

    ...I looked down to examine myself and saw I was wearing a dress, had two protruding mounds on my chest and felt long soft hair about my face.