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Enjoy as three determined women put this troublesome husband in his place, transforming this sweet though rebellious man into the boy-girl of their dreams, a passable babe, and force him to work as a voluptuous French Maid � Waitress.

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    Upon his losing a weight loss bet to his wife, she forces him into a tight restricting corset, followed by a complete change into female lingerie and clothing, including a red silk evening dress and high heels. Then after he was forced to walk to the mall the local beautician finds him and with his wife�s permission continues the transformation at her beauty parlor, forcing him to undergo a complete beauty makeover and ear piercing.

    Then being forced to purchase a skirted bathing suit for his maidenly duties at home, the saleswoman takes a liking to the sweetie and with the wife�s permission adds permanent curves to his body and inducts him, now a her, into modeling �Queen� sized high fashion outfits and lingerie. And to convince him that he is now a she who can no longer pass as a guy, the saleslady dresses him for his new evening occupation as an exotic waitress.