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Karol as a young boy, is slowly drawn into wearing girl's underwear by his neighbor, Robin. It does make a lasting impression on both of them even after she moves away with her family  Years later, she returns and is now quite the scheming and dominant young woman, determined to get back her girl friend in Karol. Continued in Book 2

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    Karol becomes Caroline to enter the womanless beauty pageant. A misbehaving young man with a panty fetish is turned into a full-fledged cross dressing well-behaved sissy by his dominant girlfriend with the permission and assistance of his mother.

    Ultimately he is force to live a girl's life under the instructions of his girlfriend's mom along with his mom's girlfriends. And while looking and having to act as a girl everyone knows that he is a boy learning to pass as a girl as he is the town's entry in the county womanless beauty pageant.